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Teacher Claudia
English - Young Learners
English - Conversational English
Skills - Drama
Subjects - Literature
English - General English
English - IELTS
Skills - Translation
Languages - Italian
English - Intermediate
Certifications: Celta, TEFL, TEYL , TESOLDRAMA
Rates from: £16.00
Teaching Experience: 14 years

CELTA-TEYL- TESOLDRAMA qualified bilingual English/Italian teacher ( more than 13 years' including online experience) Italian, English up to C2 and Drama teacher 

 I have had a long term career as an actor (17 years and more) and I am an experienced acting coach  (5 years and more) , teacher and translator. 

I have:

  • Experience teaching English  to adults, children and teenagers. (13 years)
  • Two degrees.
  • Qualified at the British Council  
  • Experience in teaching exam preparation.
  • Taught Legal English and Italian 
  • Fluent French for French learners.  

I also teach English and Italian literature. 
Other languages spoken:  Spanish B2, Swedish, German A2 and Polish A1

AVAILABLE:  (GMT +1)  MONDAY 10 a.m to 12 a.m  4 to 7 pm   4 to 7 pm -TUESDAY  11- 12 am- 4 to 7 pm  WEDNESDAY-  4 to 7 pm  THURSDAY  10 a.m to 12 a.m  4 to 7 pm FRIDAY 5 to 7 pm- SATURDAY 4 to 6 pm SUNDAY 4 to 5 pm

 Please feel free to ask.

Isaiah Diggs
English - Conversational English
English - Advanced
English - Intermediate
Certifications: BS in Liberal Sciences, MA in Communication, MA in Coaching, TEFL / TESOL Certified
Rates from: £7.00
Teaching Experience: 3 years

Since 2010, I have been a teacher. I currently teach online at an American university and a foreign language school. 

🎓🎓I have master's degrees in communication and executive coaching. I also have a TEFL / TESOL certificate. 

🔎🔎I teach English, communication, and management.

🌍🌍 I love learning about languages and cultures. I speak Spanish. 

😎😎I am a friendly and patient person. I can adjust to your learning style and identify your individual needs.

� Don't hesitate to send me a message with any questions.

Kirsty Wood
Certifications: MA TESOL (Distinction), CELTA, TKT YL, TKT CLIL
Teaching Experience: 23 years

I am a British national living in Spain since 2001. I have 2 grown-up polyglot children and a penchant for teaching. I love swimming, SCUBA diving, walking and stand-up comedy. I used to be a singer and stand-up in my youth, and I also worked on national and local radio as a journalist, presenter and producer in the UK, so I'm a bit of an extrovert.

Classes with me will be fun and informative. I love using gaming in class to promote speech and use English naturally. Do you like escape games? We can play them! Learning doesn't have to be boring. I have a British accent and I'm originally from Manchester, UK, and lived many years in London, so I teach British English and spelling with a fairly neutral British accent.

You can find me on Social Media... I'm pretty active on TikTok and Instagram and my academy has a Facebook page too... all with the username @islaidiomas. Feel free to come and see the real me before you commit to classes and drop me a like or follow ;)

Now the important stuff....

I have been teaching English as a Foreign language to all ages, from 2 years up to adult, for 23 years. I have worked in Spanish state primary schools and have been coordinator of several language exchange projects as well as a trainer for Spanish teachers in the public education system. I am director of my own academy in the south-west of Tenerife where I continue to actively teach. 

I have a Masters degree in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) with distinction from the University of Nottingham, UK, with specialisms in Gamification, Technology in ESL, Young Learners and CLIL (Content Language Integrated Learning) which is currently a staple in the European school system. I have been published on this topic in the MATSDA (Materials Development Association) journal.

Mark Hall
Certifications: CELTA, DTELLS
Teaching Experience: 14 years

I'm from Yorkshire in the north of England, and I've taught English for 14 years. I have two different levels of Cambridge teaching qualifications, so I'm a capable and flexible teacher.

I focus mostly on helping students to learn or improve basic grammar; increase their fluency and vocabulary when their English is more advanced; and to prepare for IELTS or other exams. I also work to enhance students' pronunciation and business skills.

I now live in Mexico City, so I understand the challenges of speaking a different language, and can give special support to Spanish speakers.

I love music, nature, history, and learning about other cultures and countries. I'm very happy to speak about any topic, though.

I have taught students from all continents. In Britain, I helped people to develop the language tools they needed to live, work, and study in the UK. This included preparing them for ESOL qualifications and the IELTS exam. Since leaving Britain, I've also worked with people looking to improve their English for jobs in international companies, or for tourism purposes.

I am adaptive. So I want to know what your priorities are. Do you want more confidence when speaking? Do you need to improve your pronunciation, grammar, or vocabulary? Do you need to pass an exam, get a new job, or travel? Or are you learning for fun? Whatever your goal, I'll use all the tools I have to help you achieve it.

You as students should always be at the centre of your lessons. I don't believe in lecturing you. I believe in providing the bricks - of grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation - so that you can be the builders. I'll be there to guide you, but in the end it's your time and dedication that will help you to progress.

I'll seek to get regular feedback from you about how you feel with the classes and what you'd like to do more of or less of. The best type of teaching, in my opinion, is communicative and flexible.

Where are you in your English journey? The start? The middle? Near the end? What are your strengths and weaknesses? Let me know, and we can start moving towards your goals right away!

Virginia Zahuita
Languages - Spanish
Skills - Cultural Studies
Certifications: Curso De Professor ELE, TKT
Rates from: £12.00
Teaching Experience: 9 years

Hello everyone! I’m Virginia Zahuita, I’ve been teaching Spanish for almost a DECADE. I’ve helped students from India, Holland, the UK, Pakistan, Japan, and the USA to reach their goals and dreams by providing them with dynamic and well-structured classes. Let me help you to get your potential! 
I have also 4 years of experience teaching English to Latin American students. I can teach you in a simple way 
🌟8 years of experience teaching adults and kids, at all levels. 
🌟Certificated Teacher with TKT Cambridge 
🌟Profesor ELE by INESEM and Universidad de Nebrija 
🌟100% personalized classes 
🌟Dynamic, useful, and practical classes to convey a meaningful learning 
📌Conversation & Pronunciation 
📌Culture & travels 
📌Mexican Culture 
💎Extra material during and after class (writing activities, audio, and videos) 
🌈My students succeed at 
💎Fast learning 
💎Fuency and self-confidence 
💎Develop the 4 skills: Writing, Speaking, Reading, and Listening 
✅Conversation & Pronunciation 
⭐️Currently topics 
⭐️Idioms and phrases to speak naturally 
⭐️Laid-back chat 
⭐️Vocabulary specialized in your professional area 
⭐️Bussines presentation 
✅Spanish Grammar 
⭐️Practical and easy grammar all leaves 
⭐️Stradegies to remember the grammar 
⭐️Enjoyable grammar 
✅Mexican Culture 
⭐️Vocabulary about food 
⭐️Social habits and interaction 
⭐️Mexican slang 
🌈How will I teach you? 
⭐️Speak Spanish since the very first class 
⭐️Discuss current Global Issues 

Sonia Howell
English - Intermediate
Certifications: B.A., Dip. Ed., TEFL 120 hr
Rates from: £12.00
Teaching Experience: 29 years

My name is Sonia and I'm from the beautiful island of Barbados.  I love gardening and have many medicinal plants and trees in my backyard.  I also love to go to the beach and to go for walks.

I've travelled to the USA, to Canada, to Great Britain, to Margarita,  and to many of the islands of the Caribbean such as St. Vincent, St. Lucia, Martinique, Trinidad and Tobago, Antigua,, St. Maarten, St. Kitts, Dominica, the US Virgin Islands. and Puerto Rico.

I was a high school teacher for over 25 years and I taught French, Spanish, Geography, English language and English Literature. I have been teaching English as a foreign language online for the past 2 years.  I've interacted with students both children and adults from Colombia, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Korea and Hong Kong.  

I've helped many students to improve their communication skills, to improve their pronunciation, to discuss daily news topics , to learn useful vocabulary and expressions for work and to increase their speaking skills by describing pictures.

My focus is always to help the student achieve their learning goals.