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Isaiah Diggs
English - Conversational English
English - Advanced
English - Intermediate
BS in Liberal Sciences, MA in Communication, MA in Coaching, TEFL / TESOL Certified
Teacher Experience
3 years
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(UTC-06:00) America, Mexico City
About Me

Since 2010, I have been a teacher. I currently teach online at an American university and a foreign language school. 

🎓🎓I have master's degrees in communication and executive coaching. I also have a TEFL / TESOL certificate. 

🔎🔎I teach English, communication, and management.

🌍🌍 I love learning about languages and cultures. I speak Spanish. 

😎😎I am a friendly and patient person. I can adjust to your learning style and identify your individual needs.

� Don't hesitate to send me a message with any questions.

My Lessons


1-on-1 Conversation Practice

30 minutes


Use this conversational session to improve your speaking and listening skills.

Accent Reduction

30 minutes


Use this session to learn how to reduce your native accent and improve your English pronunciation skills to sound more like a native English speaker.

Demo Lesson

30 minutes


Use this session to improve your speaking or writing skills or learn about a specific concept. This session should help you decide if you want to make a longer commitment.

Vocabulary Library

30 minutes


Use this session to learn about prefixes, suffixes, root words, and cognates to expand your vocabulary for speaking and writing purposes.