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Irene Colthurst
English - Conversational English
English - Writing
English - IELTS
English - General English
English - Intermediate
Certifications: TEFL
Rates from: £1.00
Teaching Experience: 5 years

Hello! My name is Irene (eye-RI-ni). 
I'm from California, USA. I've begun traveling long-term as an online worker. My TEFL certificate is from the University of Toronto.  My university degree is in international relations. 
I am an ESL teacher for adults, and I have taught ESL online since April 2019. 
I teach: 
Topic-Based Conversation Practice: intense grammar error correction, new vocabulary and expressions in context, and pronunciation tips using every day, business English, or social topics (such as homelessness or climate change).  I provide homework exercises on grammar and vocabulary for each topic.  

Topic-Based English Writing allows you to develop your writing skills (vocabulary, written expressions, transitions, and structure) in a live writing lesson with different topics such as health, work, plans, and your city. 
My Teaching Style: 
-Serious but with bits of humor 
-Strict and correct with your English 
-Supportive of you 
-Focused on connecting you with knowledge of English 
-Full of love for English 
What to expect: 
-Gain lots of knowledge of English expressions and grammar mechanics
-Receive detailed, constant feedback 
-High expectations 
-Support and patience 
Personal Interests: 
My great love is history and historical fiction. I write reviews of historical novels for the Historical Novel Society, and I aim to begin writing my own historical fiction. 

Message me on Facebook for schedule details: Irene Colthurst

Teacher Mari
Certifications: TEFL, Degree, Associate
Teaching Experience: 11 years

🎓Hello! I am Teacher Mari, I have a degree in languages and I have been a TEFL certified online English teacher (ESL teacher) for 5 years. I was a drama teacher for 4 years before I discovered my love for teaching English. 
Who do I teach? 
I teach English to kids from age 5, starting from beginner level and higher. 
📖About my courses: 

Group Courses - Minimum 2 Students per Class:
1. Cambridge Exam Prep Courses: 
Cambridge Young Learners Exam Prep (YLE), A2 KEY/ KET, B1 Preliminary (PET), B2 First For schools (FCE).

2. General English Kids Course: 
A very popular course which teaches kids grammar, reading and speaking skills. Homework is given after each lesson to give the student additional practice. 
👩About me: 
I am a very patient and kind teacher, who loves helping people. 
I often go ice skating and I have got two beautiful dogs. I love gardening and spending time with my friends and family.   
👨‍🏫My teaching style: 

I'm a passionate educator with a background in education
and more than a decade of teaching experience (11 years).

I hold a TEFL certification and an
Associate Degree in Performing Arts,
coupled with a rich history in theater.

My expertise lies in guiding two distinct groups through their English language learning journeys: Young learners and teenagers.

5 years: Online English Teacher
2 years: School teacher
4 Years: Acting, speech, and drama teacher

See you soon! 

UK Teacher Tony
English - Conversational English
English - Phonics
English - Young Learners
English - General English
English - IELTS
English - Writing
Certifications: 120 HOUR TEFOL/TESL, BSc. Construction Management
Rates from: £3.00
Teaching Experience: 30 years

An enthusiastic young 56-year-old with a passion for teaching. 
Tony Packham is a fully qualified school teacher living in Asia. He has taught over ten thousand online classes. Tony has also worked in Thai primary and secondary schools as well as technical colleges, teaching English, Maths, Science, History, Geography and Critical Thinking. Tony’s teaching methods push the student to analyse situations, whether in a story, in their school, workplace, town, village, social groups or from the whole world. English through problem solving enables the student to be more creative and inventive. Preparing them to be future Inventors, Innovators and Creators. 
Tony is a business professional and former politician, now semi-retired and living in Thailand. He has travelled the world, and lived in a multitude of different places experiencing the awesome cultures of people from around the world. These experiences have boosted his passion for teaching, and for helping others grow in our Global Community. 
If you're looking for a fun, well informed lesson, well structured lesson, Teacher Tony is ideally suited to meet your needs. 

Mark Hall
Certifications: CELTA, DTELLS
Teaching Experience: 14 years

I'm from Yorkshire in the north of England, and I've taught English for 14 years. I have two different levels of Cambridge teaching qualifications, so I'm a capable and flexible teacher.

I focus mostly on helping students to learn or improve basic grammar; increase their fluency and vocabulary when their English is more advanced; and to prepare for IELTS or other exams. I also work to enhance students' pronunciation and business skills.

I now live in Mexico City, so I understand the challenges of speaking a different language, and can give special support to Spanish speakers.

I love music, nature, history, and learning about other cultures and countries. I'm very happy to speak about any topic, though.

I have taught students from all continents. In Britain, I helped people to develop the language tools they needed to live, work, and study in the UK. This included preparing them for ESOL qualifications and the IELTS exam. Since leaving Britain, I've also worked with people looking to improve their English for jobs in international companies, or for tourism purposes.

I am adaptive. So I want to know what your priorities are. Do you want more confidence when speaking? Do you need to improve your pronunciation, grammar, or vocabulary? Do you need to pass an exam, get a new job, or travel? Or are you learning for fun? Whatever your goal, I'll use all the tools I have to help you achieve it.

You as students should always be at the centre of your lessons. I don't believe in lecturing you. I believe in providing the bricks - of grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation - so that you can be the builders. I'll be there to guide you, but in the end it's your time and dedication that will help you to progress.

I'll seek to get regular feedback from you about how you feel with the classes and what you'd like to do more of or less of. The best type of teaching, in my opinion, is communicative and flexible.

Where are you in your English journey? The start? The middle? Near the end? What are your strengths and weaknesses? Let me know, and we can start moving towards your goals right away!