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Teacher Ana
English - Intermediate
English - Advanced
English - Conversational English
Certifications: BA in Education, Ba in Linguistics, CertTESOL
Rates from: £16.00
Teaching Experience: 20 years

Hello, my name is Ana and I teach:
🗣️ General English
👨🏻‍💼 Business English
💬 Conversational English

I’m passionate about helping people achieve their English language goals and dreams!
I’ve been teaching English for more than 20 years, the last 3 of which have been online.
I love meeting people from different parts of the world and learning about different cultures.

◾◾ What you can expect ◾◾
My lessons are challenging, interesting and enjoyable. I make sure that learners’ needs are addressed and that the time is used effectively.
You’ll be making consistent and measurable progress!
I’ll create a personalised learning path to help you achieve your goals, and will report regularly on your progress, so you’ll know if you’re on the right track.
I use reliable textbooks from well-known publishers. We’ll select one that’s suitable for your learning goals and I’ll add extra materials tailored to your individual needs and interests. I’ll also give you personalised practice in the areas you need more support.

◾◾ Business English ◾◾
Choose the Business English package if you want to acquire the professional language and communication skills required for the world of work.
In the Business English lessons we’ll practise a variety of skills such as:
• Talking about your job
• Participating in meetings
• Being interviewed
• Socialising
• Giving presentations
• Negotiating
• Telephoning
• Solving problems
• Dealing with customers
• Writing emails, reports, minutes and other business text

Carol M
English - General English
Certifications: CELTA, BA - Psychology, MSc Consciousness and Transpersonal Psychology, Teaching Business English Course, IELTS Exam Preparation Course
Rates from: £25.00
Teaching Experience: 22 years

Experienced British CELTA Qualified Teacher who also speaks Arabic - I can help you with speaking, listening, reading and writing, for life, work, or university. I am patient and know how it feels to learn a new language and how hard it is to find the confidence to speak. 

I provide comprehensive, confidence-building English lessons, in a kind and supportive atmosphere.  Lessons are individually tailored for you.

I enjoy teaching English, encourage my students to feel comfortable and like to see them improve. You can book a trial lesson when we can discuss a lesson programme just for you.

You can tell me what you feel you need help with. I can help you with general English.  I worked in the financial sector for many years, so I can help you improve your business English.  I can also help you with pronunciation and accent reduction.  I have a BA in Psychology, with some Linguistics, and an MSc in Psychology.  
I have a CELTA qualification which I studied at the British Council in 2000, where I worked afterwards with adults and young learners. 

Here in England, I have concentrated on one-to-one tutoring with learners of various levels, from different countries. Whatever you feel you need, we can work out where to start and progress with a tailored programme.

You might like to watch my video before booking a lesson, to see if you think I’m the right teacher for you.

Thanks for reading my profile, and I look forward to meeting you online for a trial lesson.

Irene Colthurst
English - Conversational English
English - Writing
English - IELTS
English - General English
English - Intermediate
Certifications: TEFL
Rates from: £1.00
Teaching Experience: 5 years

Hello! My name is Irene (eye-RI-ni). 
I'm from California, USA. (My time zone is GMT-7.) I've begun traveling long-term as an online worker. My TEFL certificate is from the University of Toronto.  My university degree is in international relations. 
I am an ESL teacher for adults, and I have taught ESL online since April 2019. 
I teach: 
Topic-Based Conversation Practice: intense grammar error correction, new vocabulary and expressions in context, and pronunciation tips using everyday, business English, or social topics (such as homelessness or climate change).  I provide homework exercises on grammar and vocabulary for each topic.  

Topic-Based English Writing allows you to develop your writing skills (vocabulary, written expressions, transitions, and structure) in a live writing lesson with a variety of topics such as health, work, plans, and your city. 

Job Interview Prep: Prepare for an interview by practicing your professional intro and your answers to the most common questions from hiring managers.  
My Teaching Style: 
-Serious, communicative style

-Strict and correct with your English 

-Focused on errors, natural expressions, and vocabulary growth

-Supportive of you 

What to expect: 
-Gain lots of knowledge of English expressions and grammar mechanics
-Receive detailed, constant feedback 
-High expectations 
-Support and patience 
Personal Interests: 
My great love is history and historical fiction. I write reviews of historical novels for the Historical Novel Society, and I aim to begin writing my own historical fiction. 

I am available between 13:00 and 20:00 GMT-7.   I use Whereby and Skype.   My Skype name is in my lesson descriptions.  Schedule a trial session today.

Mariana Hernandes Grassi
English - IELTS
English - Conversational English
Languages - Portuguese
Subjects - Women's Studies and Gender Studies
Certifications: Master in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages / Masters in Women's Studies & Gender Studies
Rates from: £15.00
Teaching Experience: 14 years

Hi, I'm glad you found my profile! 

My name is Mariana Hernandes Grassi. If you are interested in my lesson packages, feel free to message me at

Why should you contact me?

My ultimate goal is to inspire and empower my students to become confident language learners, critical thinkers, and global citizens. 

As a language learner myself, I believe I can be a great teacher for you since I know what it feels like to learn a foreign language. Feel free to email me and ask about a free demo class, so you can better understand how I can help you achieve the proficiency level you aim to achieve. Together, let's embark on an exciting language learning journey filled with exploration, cultural exchange, and personal growth.

I have great experience in teaching:

- young learners, teenagers, and adults;

- all levels (basic, intermediate, and advanced);

- for proficiency exams (TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge, etc);

- for specific purposes (Language for business, Language for tourists, etc);

Here's a bit about myself.

My background

I have been an educator since 2010. Teaching has always been my passion, and I find great joy in helping students develop their language skills. I am originally from Brazil, but I currently live in Chicago, USA.

I hold a bachelor's degree in Education, specializing in Foreign Language Pedagogy and Literature, from Universidade Federal de Pelotas in Brazil. This degree equipped me with a solid understanding of educational theories and methodologies, allowing me to design engaging and effective lessons. I hold two master's degrees that have enriched my teaching practice. I earned my first MA in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) from American University in Washington, D.C. This program provided me with a strong foundation in English acquisition theories and critical pedagogical strategies. My second MA is in Gender Studies, from Loyola University Chicago. This field of study has deepened my understanding of gender as a construct and its intersectionality. By incorporating feminist perspectives into my teaching, I create a more equitable and empowering learning environment. Currently, I am pursuing a doctorate in Education at Loyola University Chicago. 

This ongoing pursuit of knowledge enables me to stay updated with the latest research and best teaching practices.  

Monique Chumbow
English - Young Learners
English - General English
English - Conversational English
Skills - Cultural Studies
English - Beginner
Certifications: PG Degree, TEFL, TESOL
Rates from: £0.00
Teaching Experience: 5 years

⭐️⭐️HIGHLY QUALIFIED AND EXPERIENCED ENGLISH TEACHER WITH OVER 5 YEARS OF TEACHING EXPERIENCE: General English |Business English| Kids English |Life Abroad| Daily Conversations | English For Work| Travel| Studies| Culture| Hobby⭐️⭐️

Hello, my name is Monique and I live in South Africa. I am TEFL Certified and hold a Post-graduate degree ( Honors) with over 5 years of experience teaching English Language to students all over the world, from beginner to advanced. I have taught Business English, Daily Conversations, English for Living Abroad, Kids English, English For Work| Travel| Studies| Culture, and English for those studying it as a Hobby.
💥 I use many different strategies to help you learn and improve your English.
💥When I teach, My goal is to help you succeed in areas such as Grammar, pronunciation, Vocabulary, Conversational English, and much more.   I tailor my lessons toward meeting individual needs. All my lessons are interesting and fun-filled.
💥 I know that learning a new language can be quite a daunting task, but I am able to make it easier for you. My desire is to enable you to progress into Speaking English proficiently.  
👌💥Thank you for taking out time to check on my profile. Kindly Book a session with me so we can discuss your goals further and plan your course accordingly.

See you soon!

Prudence Bongeka Mbambisa
Certifications: TEFL
Teaching Experience: 10 years

Hi, I'm Prudence from South Africa, I'm 43 years old and I'm very passionate about teaching, my greatest joy is watching my student's growth and development towards achieving their learning goals.  I'm TEFL Certified and have extensive teaching experience, which is 10 years offline, at IQ Acadeny Business College and 2 years online, with platforms such as Bizmates Japan, Amazing Talker as well as Workee. 

UK Teacher Tony
English - Conversational English
English - Phonics
English - Young Learners
English - General English
English - IELTS
English - Writing
Certifications: 120 HOUR TEFOL/TESL, BSc. Construction Management
Rates from: £3.00
Teaching Experience: 30 years

An enthusiastic young 56-year-old with a passion for teaching. 
Tony Packham is a fully qualified school teacher living in Asia. He has taught over ten thousand online classes. Tony has also worked in Thai primary and secondary schools as well as technical colleges, teaching English, Maths, Science, History, Geography and Critical Thinking. Tony’s teaching methods push the student to analyse situations, whether in a story, in their school, workplace, town, village, social groups or from the whole world. English through problem solving enables the student to be more creative and inventive. Preparing them to be future Inventors, Innovators and Creators. 
Tony is a business professional and former politician, now semi-retired and living in Thailand. He has travelled the world, and lived in a multitude of different places experiencing the awesome cultures of people from around the world. These experiences have boosted his passion for teaching, and for helping others grow in our Global Community. 
If you're looking for a fun, well informed lesson, well structured lesson, Teacher Tony is ideally suited to meet your needs. 

Mark Hall
Certifications: CELTA, DTELLS
Teaching Experience: 14 years

I'm from Yorkshire in the north of England, and I've taught English for 14 years. I have two different levels of Cambridge teaching qualifications, so I'm a capable and flexible teacher.

I focus mostly on helping students to learn or improve basic grammar; increase their fluency and vocabulary when their English is more advanced; and to prepare for IELTS or other exams. I also work to enhance students' pronunciation and business skills.

I now live in Mexico City, so I understand the challenges of speaking a different language, and can give special support to Spanish speakers.

I love music, nature, history, and learning about other cultures and countries. I'm very happy to speak about any topic, though.

I have taught students from all continents. In Britain, I helped people to develop the language tools they needed to live, work, and study in the UK. This included preparing them for ESOL qualifications and the IELTS exam. Since leaving Britain, I've also worked with people looking to improve their English for jobs in international companies, or for tourism purposes.

I am adaptive. So I want to know what your priorities are. Do you want more confidence when speaking? Do you need to improve your pronunciation, grammar, or vocabulary? Do you need to pass an exam, get a new job, or travel? Or are you learning for fun? Whatever your goal, I'll use all the tools I have to help you achieve it.

You as students should always be at the centre of your lessons. I don't believe in lecturing you. I believe in providing the bricks - of grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation - so that you can be the builders. I'll be there to guide you, but in the end it's your time and dedication that will help you to progress.

I'll seek to get regular feedback from you about how you feel with the classes and what you'd like to do more of or less of. The best type of teaching, in my opinion, is communicative and flexible.

Where are you in your English journey? The start? The middle? Near the end? What are your strengths and weaknesses? Let me know, and we can start moving towards your goals right away!

Nazeema Harris
English - Intermediate
Rates from: £10.00
Teaching Experience: 4 years

Hello, my name is Nazeema and I am an English speaker from Cape Town in South Africa.  I am a certified English tutor and I have experience in adult learning. 
I have over 16 years of corporate, and business experience which is why I specialize in Business English  I can also assist with Conversational English, General English lessons, and Reading Lessons.

I have a clear, neutral accent which is very easy to understand.
I aim to help and support each and every client and focus on their specific needs.
I have helped IT professionals, doctors, lawyers, civil engineers, buyers, sales consultants, and many others achieve their English goals.

I enjoy connecting with people from different backgrounds and cultures.  This allows me to learn about new perspectives and ideas.  I enjoy cooking and experimenting with different recipes in the kitchen.  Additionally, I am passionate about traveling and exploring new places. I always try to incorporate new experiences into my teaching to make it more engaging and relevant to my student's interests.

I believe that conversation is the best way to gain confidence in any language.  My lessons are relaxed and interactive and are based on your interests and needs.

Book a lesson, I look forward to meeting you!