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Alan Johnson
English - Conversational English
English - General English
English - Intermediate
Languages - Spanish
Certifications: TEFL, Master's
Rates from: £15.00
Teaching Experience: 14 years

I am originally from England, but I have lived in Seville, Spain for 4 years. I have travelled around much of the world, particularly Latin America and Europe, as well as parts of Asia and Africa. I have been teaching online for around 10 years and I have learnt a lot of things from my students in that time. In particular, I am interested in offering students basic cultural knowledge and understanding, so that they may understand the references and tone of a conversation between native speakers. I also believe that in an increasingly integrated world, in which politics, music, sport and culture all happen on a global level, students should feel able to participate in those conversations. A typical class with me will feature discussion of football, UK music, global politics, or more general cultural topics. I believe that standard language textbooks are boring and the topics are uninteresting! Expect me to embed interesting cultural topics in our classes, followed by extensive feedback and targeted correction, skills I have developed over 14 years of training language students. I am also keen on the art of error correction - when to correct and when not to correct. 

Teacher Ana
English - Intermediate
English - Advanced
English - Conversational English
Certifications: BA in Education, Ba in Linguistics, CertTESOL
Rates from: £16.00
Teaching Experience: 20 years

Hello, my name is Ana and I teach:
🗣️ General English
👨🏻‍💼 Business English
💬 Conversational English

I’m passionate about helping people achieve their English language goals and dreams!
I’ve been teaching English for more than 20 years, the last 3 of which have been online.
I love meeting people from different parts of the world and learning about different cultures.

◾◾ What you can expect ◾◾
My lessons are challenging, interesting and enjoyable. I make sure that learners’ needs are addressed and that the time is used effectively.
You’ll be making consistent and measurable progress!
I’ll create a personalised learning path to help you achieve your goals, and will report regularly on your progress, so you’ll know if you’re on the right track.
I use reliable textbooks from well-known publishers. We’ll select one that’s suitable for your learning goals and I’ll add extra materials tailored to your individual needs and interests. I’ll also give you personalised practice in the areas you need more support.

◾◾ Business English ◾◾
Choose the Business English package if you want to acquire the professional language and communication skills required for the world of work.
In the Business English lessons we’ll practise a variety of skills such as:
• Talking about your job
• Participating in meetings
• Being interviewed
• Socialising
• Giving presentations
• Negotiating
• Telephoning
• Solving problems
• Dealing with customers
• Writing emails, reports, minutes and other business text

Carol M
English - General English
Certifications: CELTA, BA - Psychology, MSc Consciousness and Transpersonal Psychology, Teaching Business English Course, IELTS Exam Preparation Course
Rates from: £25.00
Teaching Experience: 22 years

Experienced British CELTA Qualified Teacher who also speaks Arabic - I can help you with speaking, listening, reading and writing, for life, work, or university. I am patient and know how it feels to learn a new language and how hard it is to find the confidence to speak. 

I provide comprehensive, confidence-building English lessons, in a kind and supportive atmosphere.  Lessons are individually tailored for you.

I enjoy teaching English, encourage my students to feel comfortable and like to see them improve. You can book a trial lesson when we can discuss a lesson programme just for you.

You can tell me what you feel you need help with. I can help you with general English.  I worked in the financial sector for many years, so I can help you improve your business English.  I can also help you with pronunciation and accent reduction.  I have a BA in Psychology, with some Linguistics, and an MSc in Psychology.  
I have a CELTA qualification which I studied at the British Council in 2000, where I worked afterwards with adults and young learners. 

Here in England, I have concentrated on one-to-one tutoring with learners of various levels, from different countries. Whatever you feel you need, we can work out where to start and progress with a tailored programme.

You might like to watch my video before booking a lesson, to see if you think I’m the right teacher for you.

Thanks for reading my profile, and I look forward to meeting you online for a trial lesson.

Edward Hoh
Certifications: TEFL
Teaching Experience: 1 years

Hi, I'm Edward! I'm from Malaysia, a country rich in multiculturalism, biodiversity and fantastic food! 
I have a 120-hour TEFL certification and also hold a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology. I have been teaching both children and adults for the past 10 years in various capacities. 
I offer English classes that are tailored to match your individual level, needs and purposes. My lesson packages include English Grammar, English Conversation, and Survival Malay. Classes with me will be casual, relaxed and set at a pace you are comfortable with. I am an easy-going, relaxed and friendly person to talk to, and I am perfectly happy to talk about anything you’d like. We could talk about food, movies, science, philosophy, psychology, art and so on; it's your choice! 
Outside of class, I love drawing, reading, travelling, sightseeing, eating, and watching football. I would be delighted to learn more about you as well so do book a class with me and I will see you there!

Isai Martinez
Certifications: TEFL
Teaching Experience: 1 years
I want to teach you
Mafe Duran
Certifications: TEFL
Teaching Experience: 3 years

I am originally from Miami, Florida, USA, but I live in Barcelona, Spain. I enjoy reading all kinds of books during my downtime, from fantasy novels to historical non-fiction books. I also like watching series on different streaming platforms and listening to a collection of podcasts on Spotify. All these things keep me entertained, and I learn something new daily! 

I am reliable, thorough, and dedicated. I strive to be prompt and efficient in my teaching methods. I also like to remain approachable as I want my students to feel comfortable, take risks, and overcome the fear of making mistakes, as this is part of the learning process. 

As a teacher, I highly value my students’ time and effort because learning a new language takes courage. I am patient and kind, and I aim to be a guide in my student's learning journey. Let’s do this!

Teacher Mari
Certifications: TEFL, Degree, Associate
Teaching Experience: 11 years

🎓Hello! I am Teacher Mari, I have a degree in languages and I have been a TEFL certified online English teacher (ESL teacher) for 5 years. I was a drama teacher for 4 years before I discovered my love for teaching English. 
Who do I teach? 
I teach English to kids from age 5, starting from beginner level and higher. 
📖About my courses: 

Group Courses - Minimum 2 Students per Class:
1. Cambridge Exam Prep Courses: 
Cambridge Young Learners Exam Prep (YLE), A2 KEY/ KET, B1 Preliminary (PET), B2 First For schools (FCE).

2. General English Kids Course: 
A very popular course which teaches kids grammar, reading and speaking skills. Homework is given after each lesson to give the student additional practice. 
👩About me: 
I am a very patient and kind teacher, who loves helping people. 
I often go ice skating and I have got two beautiful dogs. I love gardening and spending time with my friends and family.   
👨‍🏫My teaching style: 

I'm a passionate educator with a background in education
and more than a decade of teaching experience (11 years).

I hold a TEFL certification and an
Associate Degree in Performing Arts,
coupled with a rich history in theater.

My expertise lies in guiding two distinct groups through their English language learning journeys: Young learners and teenagers.

5 years: Online English Teacher
2 years: School teacher
4 Years: Acting, speech, and drama teacher

See you soon! 

Michelle Fitzroy
English - Young Learners
Certifications: TEFL
Rates from: £12.50
Teaching Experience: 6 years

------English for kids-----------

I'm a specialist children's English teacher with five years online teaching experience. I have a TEFL certificate and a Teaching Young Learners certificate. 

Most of my students have been aged 3-11, and I particularly enjoy teaching absolute beginners and preschoolers.

I use games, flashcards, videos and lots of conversation practice in my lessons. I use lesson materials written for English-speaking children and from structured EFL programmes so I can adapt my classes to my students' needs.

I have a Literature degree, for which I studied children's literature, child development and creative writing. I encourage my students to read as much as possible, and I enjoy discussing books with them in class. 

My biggest goal as a teacher is to help my students become more confident. I give my students lots of speaking practice and enjoy hearing their thoughts and opinions. I also give lots of praise to help build their confidence.

Mwape Daka
Subjects - Biology
Subjects - Science
Certifications: BSc. Biology
Rates from: £0.00
Teaching Experience: 3 years

🙋‍♀️Hello, I am Teacher Mwape😊

🏘I live in Zambia, a county in Southern Africa and home to one of the 7 wonders of the world, Victoria Falls!🏞

🔬🧪I teach Science and biology and have over 2 years' experience teaching students between the ages of 13 and 24.

🎇✨Growing up I was fascinated by how the world seemed to be so coordinated that every living organism fit perfectly into its role: this sparked in me a desire and passion to learn science!
Am able to teach ecology, biology, genetics and integrated science.

📚✏I have taught biology at Cambridge IGCSE and AS levels to high school and undergraduate students, respectively.

👍I help students relate lessons to their daily lives with practical examples.

👍I love learning new things, so I assure you that you will be on the cutting edge of scientific knowledge!

👍I teach in an interactive, learner-centered environment, which means I let my students participate in the learning process.

👍I am a results-oriented person, so I always give my learners assessments to track progress. 

😉Do not worry, I will be with you all the way to make sure that the lesson objectives are met.

👌I also help my learners with tips on how to answer science questions

👌I teach you the rules for answering science exam questions

👌I will teach you the correct biological terms to help you score higher on an exam

😍I also help with biology and science homework.

😊Thanks for your time😊ou

Mark Hall
Certifications: CELTA, DTELLS
Teaching Experience: 14 years

I'm from Yorkshire in the north of England, and I've taught English for 14 years. I have two different levels of Cambridge teaching qualifications, so I'm a capable and flexible teacher.

I focus mostly on helping students to learn or improve basic grammar; increase their fluency and vocabulary when their English is more advanced; and to prepare for IELTS or other exams. I also work to enhance students' pronunciation and business skills.

I now live in Mexico City, so I understand the challenges of speaking a different language, and can give special support to Spanish speakers.

I love music, nature, history, and learning about other cultures and countries. I'm very happy to speak about any topic, though.

I have taught students from all continents. In Britain, I helped people to develop the language tools they needed to live, work, and study in the UK. This included preparing them for ESOL qualifications and the IELTS exam. Since leaving Britain, I've also worked with people looking to improve their English for jobs in international companies, or for tourism purposes.

I am adaptive. So I want to know what your priorities are. Do you want more confidence when speaking? Do you need to improve your pronunciation, grammar, or vocabulary? Do you need to pass an exam, get a new job, or travel? Or are you learning for fun? Whatever your goal, I'll use all the tools I have to help you achieve it.

You as students should always be at the centre of your lessons. I don't believe in lecturing you. I believe in providing the bricks - of grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation - so that you can be the builders. I'll be there to guide you, but in the end it's your time and dedication that will help you to progress.

I'll seek to get regular feedback from you about how you feel with the classes and what you'd like to do more of or less of. The best type of teaching, in my opinion, is communicative and flexible.

Where are you in your English journey? The start? The middle? Near the end? What are your strengths and weaknesses? Let me know, and we can start moving towards your goals right away!