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Kingsford Djan
Subjects - Chemistry
Subjects - Biology
Subjects - Science
Certifications: Dip/BSc/MPhil/TEFL
Rates from: £20.00
Teaching Experience: 6 years

I am Kingsford and I have a Diploma in Environmental Health and Safety Management, a BSc in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, and a Master of Philosophy in Forensic Science.

My key subject areas are Medical Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Molecular Marker Techniques in Animal and Plant Improvement, Food and Environmental Biosafety, microbiology and tissue culture techniques, cell biochemistry, recombinant DNA and GM Technology, Molecular/Microbial Genetics, Biostatistics, Research methods in Biology, General virology, biochemistry of macromolecules, plant physiological Ecology, Introduction to Biodiversity, systematic and taxonomy, mammalian anatomy and physiology, organic and inorganic chemistry I and II, data collection and analysis, main group chemistry, cryptogams, cells, and tissue organization.

In addition, Principles of forensic science, introduction to criminology, Crime scene/Forensic investigation, introduction to digital forensics, instrumental methods of analysis, Advanced forensic chemistry, forensic pharmacology and toxicology, legal methodology, cybercrime, and digital terrorism, statistics and research methodology, firearms, and explosives, are also my crucial subject areas where I have much knowledge on them.

I have experience teaching for over 5 years in high school and less than 2 years in the tertiary/University as a teaching assistant. I am a diligent researcher with extensive laboratory experience, meticulously investigating diverse avenues to achieve desired outcomes. I am self-motivated in all areas of research and analysis. I am a driven Tutor who successfully raises student grades in all subjects. I am an adaptable, resourceful, hardworking professional with excellent time management and communication skills. To say I love teaching will be an understatement. My whole life is centered around teaching as I spend most of my day teaching University students. My future is to work and I would be glad to be your tutor. Thanks

Kirsty Wood
Certifications: MA TESOL (Distinction), CELTA, TKT YL, TKT CLIL
Teaching Experience: 23 years

I am a British national living in Spain since 2001. I have 2 grown-up polyglot children and a penchant for teaching. I love swimming, SCUBA diving, walking and stand-up comedy. I used to be a singer and stand-up in my youth, and I also worked on national and local radio as a journalist, presenter and producer in the UK, so I'm a bit of an extrovert.

Classes with me will be fun and informative. I love using gaming in class to promote speech and use English naturally. Do you like escape games? We can play them! Learning doesn't have to be boring. I have a British accent and I'm originally from Manchester, UK, and lived many years in London, so I teach British English and spelling with a fairly neutral British accent.

You can find me on Social Media... I'm pretty active on TikTok and Instagram and my academy has a Facebook page too... all with the username @islaidiomas. Feel free to come and see the real me before you commit to classes and drop me a like or follow ;)

Now the important stuff....

I have been teaching English as a Foreign language to all ages, from 2 years up to adult, for 23 years. I have worked in Spanish state primary schools and have been coordinator of several language exchange projects as well as a trainer for Spanish teachers in the public education system. I am director of my own academy in the south-west of Tenerife where I continue to actively teach. 

I have a Masters degree in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) with distinction from the University of Nottingham, UK, with specialisms in Gamification, Technology in ESL, Young Learners and CLIL (Content Language Integrated Learning) which is currently a staple in the European school system. I have been published on this topic in the MATSDA (Materials Development Association) journal.

Lorraine Dyer
Skills - Cosmetology
Skills - Cybersecurity
Skills - Information Security
Certifications: B.Tech, Diploma, Certificate
Rates from: £5.00
Teaching Experience: 0 years

My name is Lorraine Dyer. My expertise is multidisciplinary. I hold a Big Data Analytics Certificate from York University, and a Bachelor's Degree in Informatics and Security from Seneca Polytechnic. Additionally on the side, I hold a hairstylist diploma from ICI Academy.

Topics covered under Informatics and Security that I will discuss in detail in the lessons I specially created based on need in the job/career upskilling market include:

  • -Internal and external security needs
  • -Understanding data communication principles and operation systems
  • -Understanding security of infrastructure components
  • -Design and implement secure information acquisition, transmission and storage practices
  • -Deployment of security on a variety of platforms
  • -Project planning and management
  • -Research methodology
  • -Technology planning and acquisition

Example of my teaching methodology:

Brief overview of the topics to be covered.


-Interactive Q&A session
-Warm-up Activity (5 minutes)

-Quick game of "Word Relay"
-Types of Words Used in topic (15 minutes)
-Presentation on topic
-Different Types of aspects of subtopic (20 minutes)
-Explanation of subtopic
-Introduce the concept of next subtopic
-Essential Refresher 
-Overview of the importance of subtopic
-Explanation of topics in subtopic

All students will receive a Certificate of Completion for each of the lessons attended and a complimentary handout.

Personal Interests: 

My personal interests include music, dance forms, art, soccer, swimming and books.