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Edward Hoh
Certifications: TEFL
Teaching Experience: 1 years

Hi, I'm Edward! I'm from Malaysia, a country rich in multiculturalism, biodiversity and fantastic food! 
I have a 120-hour TEFL certification and also hold a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology. I have been teaching both children and adults for the past 10 years in various capacities. 
I offer English classes that are tailored to match your individual level, needs and purposes. My lesson packages include English Grammar, English Conversation, and Survival Malay. Classes with me will be casual, relaxed and set at a pace you are comfortable with. I am an easy-going, relaxed and friendly person to talk to, and I am perfectly happy to talk about anything you’d like. We could talk about food, movies, science, philosophy, psychology, art and so on; it's your choice! 
Outside of class, I love drawing, reading, travelling, sightseeing, eating, and watching football. I would be delighted to learn more about you as well so do book a class with me and I will see you there!

Kingsford Djan
Subjects - Chemistry
Subjects - Biology
Subjects - Science
Certifications: Dip/BSc/MPhil/TEFL
Rates from: £20.00
Teaching Experience: 6 years

I am Kingsford and I have a Diploma in Environmental Health and Safety Management, a BSc in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, and a Master of Philosophy in Forensic Science.

My key subject areas are Medical Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Molecular Marker Techniques in Animal and Plant Improvement, Food and Environmental Biosafety, microbiology and tissue culture techniques, cell biochemistry, recombinant DNA and GM Technology, Molecular/Microbial Genetics, Biostatistics, Research methods in Biology, General virology, biochemistry of macromolecules, plant physiological Ecology, Introduction to Biodiversity, systematic and taxonomy, mammalian anatomy and physiology, organic and inorganic chemistry I and II, data collection and analysis, main group chemistry, cryptogams, cells, and tissue organization.

In addition, Principles of forensic science, introduction to criminology, Crime scene/Forensic investigation, introduction to digital forensics, instrumental methods of analysis, Advanced forensic chemistry, forensic pharmacology and toxicology, legal methodology, cybercrime, and digital terrorism, statistics and research methodology, firearms, and explosives, are also my crucial subject areas where I have much knowledge on them.

I have experience teaching for over 5 years in high school and less than 2 years in the tertiary/University as a teaching assistant. I am a diligent researcher with extensive laboratory experience, meticulously investigating diverse avenues to achieve desired outcomes. I am self-motivated in all areas of research and analysis. I am a driven Tutor who successfully raises student grades in all subjects. I am an adaptable, resourceful, hardworking professional with excellent time management and communication skills. To say I love teaching will be an understatement. My whole life is centered around teaching as I spend most of my day teaching University students. My future is to work and I would be glad to be your tutor. Thanks

Mwape Daka
Subjects - Biology
Subjects - Science
Certifications: BSc. Biology
Rates from: £0.00
Teaching Experience: 3 years

🙋‍♀️Hello, I am Teacher Mwape😊

🏘I live in Zambia, a county in Southern Africa and home to one of the 7 wonders of the world, Victoria Falls!🏞

🔬🧪I teach Science and biology and have over 2 years' experience teaching students between the ages of 13 and 24.

🎇✨Growing up I was fascinated by how the world seemed to be so coordinated that every living organism fit perfectly into its role: this sparked in me a desire and passion to learn science!
Am able to teach ecology, biology, genetics and integrated science.

📚✏I have taught biology at Cambridge IGCSE and AS levels to high school and undergraduate students, respectively.

👍I help students relate lessons to their daily lives with practical examples.

👍I love learning new things, so I assure you that you will be on the cutting edge of scientific knowledge!

👍I teach in an interactive, learner-centered environment, which means I let my students participate in the learning process.

👍I am a results-oriented person, so I always give my learners assessments to track progress. 

😉Do not worry, I will be with you all the way to make sure that the lesson objectives are met.

👌I also help my learners with tips on how to answer science questions

👌I teach you the rules for answering science exam questions

👌I will teach you the correct biological terms to help you score higher on an exam

😍I also help with biology and science homework.

😊Thanks for your time😊ou

UK Teacher Tony
English - Conversational English
English - Phonics
English - Young Learners
English - General English
English - IELTS
English - Writing
Certifications: 120 HOUR TEFOL/TESL, BSc. Construction Management
Rates from: £3.00
Teaching Experience: 30 years

An enthusiastic young 56-year-old with a passion for teaching. 
Tony Packham is a fully qualified school teacher living in Asia. He has taught over ten thousand online classes. Tony has also worked in Thai primary and secondary schools as well as technical colleges, teaching English, Maths, Science, History, Geography and Critical Thinking. Tony’s teaching methods push the student to analyse situations, whether in a story, in their school, workplace, town, village, social groups or from the whole world. English through problem solving enables the student to be more creative and inventive. Preparing them to be future Inventors, Innovators and Creators. 
Tony is a business professional and former politician, now semi-retired and living in Thailand. He has travelled the world, and lived in a multitude of different places experiencing the awesome cultures of people from around the world. These experiences have boosted his passion for teaching, and for helping others grow in our Global Community. 
If you're looking for a fun, well informed lesson, well structured lesson, Teacher Tony is ideally suited to meet your needs.