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Alan Johnson
English - Conversational English
English - General English
English - Intermediate
Languages - Spanish
Certifications: TEFL, Master's
Rates from: £15.00
Teaching Experience: 14 years

I am originally from England, but I have lived in Seville, Spain for 4 years. I have travelled around much of the world, particularly Latin America and Europe, as well as parts of Asia and Africa. I have been teaching online for around 10 years and I have learnt a lot of things from my students in that time. In particular, I am interested in offering students basic cultural knowledge and understanding, so that they may understand the references and tone of a conversation between native speakers. I also believe that in an increasingly integrated world, in which politics, music, sport and culture all happen on a global level, students should feel able to participate in those conversations. A typical class with me will feature discussion of football, UK music, global politics, or more general cultural topics. I believe that standard language textbooks are boring and the topics are uninteresting! Expect me to embed interesting cultural topics in our classes, followed by extensive feedback and targeted correction, skills I have developed over 14 years of training language students. I am also keen on the art of error correction - when to correct and when not to correct. 

Mark Hall
Certifications: CELTA, DTELLS
Teaching Experience: 14 years

I'm from Yorkshire in the north of England, and I've taught English for 14 years. I have two different levels of Cambridge teaching qualifications, so I'm a capable and flexible teacher.

I focus mostly on helping students to learn or improve basic grammar; increase their fluency and vocabulary when their English is more advanced; and to prepare for IELTS or other exams. I also work to enhance students' pronunciation and business skills.

I now live in Mexico City, so I understand the challenges of speaking a different language, and can give special support to Spanish speakers.

I love music, nature, history, and learning about other cultures and countries. I'm very happy to speak about any topic, though.

I have taught students from all continents. In Britain, I helped people to develop the language tools they needed to live, work, and study in the UK. This included preparing them for ESOL qualifications and the IELTS exam. Since leaving Britain, I've also worked with people looking to improve their English for jobs in international companies, or for tourism purposes.

I am adaptive. So I want to know what your priorities are. Do you want more confidence when speaking? Do you need to improve your pronunciation, grammar, or vocabulary? Do you need to pass an exam, get a new job, or travel? Or are you learning for fun? Whatever your goal, I'll use all the tools I have to help you achieve it.

You as students should always be at the centre of your lessons. I don't believe in lecturing you. I believe in providing the bricks - of grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation - so that you can be the builders. I'll be there to guide you, but in the end it's your time and dedication that will help you to progress.

I'll seek to get regular feedback from you about how you feel with the classes and what you'd like to do more of or less of. The best type of teaching, in my opinion, is communicative and flexible.

Where are you in your English journey? The start? The middle? Near the end? What are your strengths and weaknesses? Let me know, and we can start moving towards your goals right away!

Certifications: TEFL
Teaching Experience: 15 years

Librarian/information specialist who loves English and reading. I've taught Sunday School for about 15 years. I also love playing boardgames, watching movies, dancing, listening to music and spending time with my friends and family.

Lorraine Dyer
Skills - Cosmetology
Skills - Cybersecurity
Skills - Information Security
Certifications: B.Tech, Diploma, Certificate
Rates from: £5.00
Teaching Experience: 0 years

My name is Lorraine Dyer. My expertise is multidisciplinary. I hold a Big Data Analytics Certificate from York University, and a Bachelor's Degree in Informatics and Security from Seneca Polytechnic. Additionally on the side, I hold a hairstylist diploma from ICI Academy.

Topics covered under Informatics and Security that I will discuss in detail in the lessons I specially created based on need in the job/career upskilling market include:

  • -Internal and external security needs
  • -Understanding data communication principles and operation systems
  • -Understanding security of infrastructure components
  • -Design and implement secure information acquisition, transmission and storage practices
  • -Deployment of security on a variety of platforms
  • -Project planning and management
  • -Research methodology
  • -Technology planning and acquisition

Example of my teaching methodology:

Brief overview of the topics to be covered.


-Interactive Q&A session
-Warm-up Activity (5 minutes)

-Quick game of "Word Relay"
-Types of Words Used in topic (15 minutes)
-Presentation on topic
-Different Types of aspects of subtopic (20 minutes)
-Explanation of subtopic
-Introduce the concept of next subtopic
-Essential Refresher 
-Overview of the importance of subtopic
-Explanation of topics in subtopic

All students will receive a Certificate of Completion for each of the lessons attended and a complimentary handout.

Personal Interests: 

My personal interests include music, dance forms, art, soccer, swimming and books.

Cristobal Schulkin
Certifications: Bachelor's Degree in Classical Guitar
Teaching Experience: 18 years

Cristóbal is an eclectic guitarist with a classical background. Based in Buenos Aires, he has toured Latin America and Europe playing modern Argentine music and pieces of other living composers like Leo Brouwer, Carlo Domeniconi, Johannes Möller, Mathias Duplessy and many others.  He has performed in prestigious theaters in Buenos Aires like Usina del Arte, La Scala de San Telmo, el Museo Casa de Carlos Gardel y el Museo Histórico Nacional, amongst many others. He also took masterclasses with prominent figures in the guitar world like Leo Brouwer, Fabio Zanón, Quique Sinesi, Simone Ianarelli and Kozo tate. He's been teaching guitar for the last 15 years working in different institutions, as well as in the Conservatorio Superior de Música de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires "Astor Piazzolla". He now has a global online guitar studio, with students from all over the world, in countries such as the US, France, Germany, UK, Australia, Egypt and China

A bit about myself:

Hi! My name is Cristóbal, and I'm a classical guitarist from Argentina. I love cultural blends and ethnic music. Check out my video of Koyunbaba IV on YT (it is an example of classical and ethnic music mix). I specialize in Classical Guitar, but I have studied other genres as well.

I love teaching what I love most: guitar! I have a lot of patience (a must for any teacher!). I also believe that listening carefully to my student's likes and needs is key. It might sound obvious, but actually, it's not!

Since I have a classical background, I also coach and teach and prepare, beginners and advanced students for exams in various musical institutions. I also teach music from my country (Tango/Folklore) and Flamenco Guitar as well.

Enlglish / Español


I have an organized and progressive teaching method, but I am not into prefabricated, over-structured classes. The teaching style really depends on the goals and motivations of the student. I provide an array of guitar materials, books, and scores in PDF.  Total beginners or advanced, and experienced players are welcome alike. I also usually write notes after each lesson to summarize what to focus on for the following lesson; this helps keeping your practice well-organized and with clear objectives.

Guitar can be easy if you have the right attitude! Being a good listener, my love for the guitar, and lots of patience are the main assets I rely on for teaching. These lessons may also include custom-made short videos to help your practice. I have an academic and classical background, but I also teach Flamenco, Tango, Folklore, and other Latin American music styles as well.