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Irene Colthurst
English - Conversational English
English - Writing
English - IELTS
English - General English
English - Intermediate
Certifications: TEFL
Rates from: £1.00
Teaching Experience: 5 years

Hello! My name is Irene (eye-RI-ni). 
I'm from California, USA. (My time zone is GMT-7.) I've begun traveling long-term as an online worker. My TEFL certificate is from the University of Toronto.  My university degree is in international relations. 
I am an ESL teacher for adults, and I have taught ESL online since April 2019. 
I teach: 
Topic-Based Conversation Practice: intense grammar error correction, new vocabulary and expressions in context, and pronunciation tips using everyday, business English, or social topics (such as homelessness or climate change).  I provide homework exercises on grammar and vocabulary for each topic.  

Topic-Based English Writing allows you to develop your writing skills (vocabulary, written expressions, transitions, and structure) in a live writing lesson with a variety of topics such as health, work, plans, and your city. 

Job Interview Prep: Prepare for an interview by practicing your professional intro and your answers to the most common questions from hiring managers.  
My Teaching Style: 
-Serious, communicative style

-Strict and correct with your English 

-Focused on errors, natural expressions, and vocabulary growth

-Supportive of you 

What to expect: 
-Gain lots of knowledge of English expressions and grammar mechanics
-Receive detailed, constant feedback 
-High expectations 
-Support and patience 
Personal Interests: 
My great love is history and historical fiction. I write reviews of historical novels for the Historical Novel Society, and I aim to begin writing my own historical fiction. 

I am available between 13:00 and 20:00 GMT-7.   I use Whereby and Skype.   My Skype name is in my lesson descriptions.  Schedule a trial session today.

Kingsford Djan
Subjects - Chemistry
Subjects - Biology
Subjects - Science
Certifications: Dip/BSc/MPhil/TEFL
Rates from: £20.00
Teaching Experience: 6 years

I am Kingsford and I have a Diploma in Environmental Health and Safety Management, a BSc in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, and a Master of Philosophy in Forensic Science.

My key subject areas are Medical Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Molecular Marker Techniques in Animal and Plant Improvement, Food and Environmental Biosafety, microbiology and tissue culture techniques, cell biochemistry, recombinant DNA and GM Technology, Molecular/Microbial Genetics, Biostatistics, Research methods in Biology, General virology, biochemistry of macromolecules, plant physiological Ecology, Introduction to Biodiversity, systematic and taxonomy, mammalian anatomy and physiology, organic and inorganic chemistry I and II, data collection and analysis, main group chemistry, cryptogams, cells, and tissue organization.

In addition, Principles of forensic science, introduction to criminology, Crime scene/Forensic investigation, introduction to digital forensics, instrumental methods of analysis, Advanced forensic chemistry, forensic pharmacology and toxicology, legal methodology, cybercrime, and digital terrorism, statistics and research methodology, firearms, and explosives, are also my crucial subject areas where I have much knowledge on them.

I have experience teaching for over 5 years in high school and less than 2 years in the tertiary/University as a teaching assistant. I am a diligent researcher with extensive laboratory experience, meticulously investigating diverse avenues to achieve desired outcomes. I am self-motivated in all areas of research and analysis. I am a driven Tutor who successfully raises student grades in all subjects. I am an adaptable, resourceful, hardworking professional with excellent time management and communication skills. To say I love teaching will be an understatement. My whole life is centered around teaching as I spend most of my day teaching University students. My future is to work and I would be glad to be your tutor. Thanks