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Teacher Claudia
English - Young Learners
English - Conversational English
Skills - Drama
Subjects - Literature
English - General English
English - IELTS
Skills - Translation
Languages - Italian
Certifications: Celta, TEFL, TEYL , TESOLDRAMA
Rates from: £16.00
Teaching Experience: 14 years

CELTA-TEYL- TESOLDRAMA qualified bilingual English/Italian teacher ( more than 13 years' including online experience) Italian, English up to C2 and Drama teacher 

 I have had a long term career as an actor (17 years and more) and I am an experienced acting coach  (5 years and more) , teacher and translator. 

I have:

  • Experience teaching English  to adults, children and teenagers. (13 years)
  • Two degrees.
  • Qualified at the British Council  
  • Experience in teaching exam preparation.
  • Taught Legal English and Italian 
  • Fluent French for French learners.  

I also teach English and Italian literature. 
Other languages spoken:  Spanish B2, Swedish, German A2 and Polish A1

AVAILABLE:  (GMT +1)  MONDAY 10 a.m to 12 a.m  4 to 7 pm   4 to 7 pm -TUESDAY  11- 12 am- 4 to 7 pm  WEDNESDAY-  4 to 7 pm  THURSDAY  10 a.m to 12 a.m  4 to 7 pm FRIDAY 5 to 7 pm- SATURDAY 4 to 6 pm SUNDAY 4 to 5 pm

 Please feel free to ask.

Cristobal Schulkin
Certifications: Bachelor's Degree in Classical Guitar
Teaching Experience: 18 years

Cristóbal is an eclectic guitarist with a classical background. Based in Buenos Aires, he has toured Latin America and Europe playing modern Argentine music and pieces of other living composers like Leo Brouwer, Carlo Domeniconi, Johannes Möller, Mathias Duplessy and many others.  He has performed in prestigious theaters in Buenos Aires like Usina del Arte, La Scala de San Telmo, el Museo Casa de Carlos Gardel y el Museo Histórico Nacional, amongst many others. He also took masterclasses with prominent figures in the guitar world like Leo Brouwer, Fabio Zanón, Quique Sinesi, Simone Ianarelli and Kozo tate. He's been teaching guitar for the last 15 years working in different institutions, as well as in the Conservatorio Superior de Música de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires "Astor Piazzolla". He now has a global online guitar studio, with students from all over the world, in countries such as the US, France, Germany, UK, Australia, Egypt and China

A bit about myself:

Hi! My name is Cristóbal, and I'm a classical guitarist from Argentina. I love cultural blends and ethnic music. Check out my video of Koyunbaba IV on YT (it is an example of classical and ethnic music mix). I specialize in Classical Guitar, but I have studied other genres as well.

I love teaching what I love most: guitar! I have a lot of patience (a must for any teacher!). I also believe that listening carefully to my student's likes and needs is key. It might sound obvious, but actually, it's not!

Since I have a classical background, I also coach and teach and prepare, beginners and advanced students for exams in various musical institutions. I also teach music from my country (Tango/Folklore) and Flamenco Guitar as well.

Enlglish / Español


I have an organized and progressive teaching method, but I am not into prefabricated, over-structured classes. The teaching style really depends on the goals and motivations of the student. I provide an array of guitar materials, books, and scores in PDF.  Total beginners or advanced, and experienced players are welcome alike. I also usually write notes after each lesson to summarize what to focus on for the following lesson; this helps keeping your practice well-organized and with clear objectives.

Guitar can be easy if you have the right attitude! Being a good listener, my love for the guitar, and lots of patience are the main assets I rely on for teaching. These lessons may also include custom-made short videos to help your practice. I have an academic and classical background, but I also teach Flamenco, Tango, Folklore, and other Latin American music styles as well. 

Zeeshan Anwar
Subjects - Physics
Certifications: M. Phil Physics and M. Es
Rates from: £10.00
Teaching Experience: 7 years

I am a dedicated and highly qualified lecturer in the government education department and education leadership trainer with a strong academic background. I hold both an M. Phil degree and an M. Ed degree from prestigious institutions. My academic excellence is underscored by my publication in a well-known German journal, reflecting my commitment to research. With seven years of teaching experience, I have consistently excelled in various examinations, including academic, and psychological tests. I can tutor Mathematics, Physics, Urdu, Chemistry, Economics, Pedagogy, Biology, and Digital Marketing. My expertise extends beyond the classroom such as educational psychology, educational leadership, and teacher education. My teaching methodology revolves around creating student-centered classrooms that engage learners in meaningful activities. I prioritize the understanding of concepts over rote learning, fostering a deeper and lasting comprehension of the subject.