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Zeeshan Anwar
Subjects - Physics
Certifications: M. Phil Physics and M. Es
Rates from: £10.00
Teaching Experience: 7 years

I am a dedicated and highly qualified lecturer in the government education department and education leadership trainer with a strong academic background. I hold both an M. Phil degree and an M. Ed degree from prestigious institutions. My academic excellence is underscored by my publication in a well-known German journal, reflecting my commitment to research. With seven years of teaching experience, I have consistently excelled in various examinations, including academic, and psychological tests. I can tutor Mathematics, Physics, Urdu, Chemistry, Economics, Pedagogy, Biology, and Digital Marketing. My expertise extends beyond the classroom such as educational psychology, educational leadership, and teacher education. My teaching methodology revolves around creating student-centered classrooms that engage learners in meaningful activities. I prioritize the understanding of concepts over rote learning, fostering a deeper and lasting comprehension of the subject.