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Lorraine Dyer
Skills - Cosmetology
Skills - Cybersecurity
Skills - Information Security
Certifications: B.Tech, Diploma, Certificate
Rates from: £8.00
Teaching Experience: 0 years

My name is Lorraine Dyer. My expertise is multidisciplinary. I hold a Hairdressing/Hairstyling Diploma from ICI Academy, a Big Data Analytics Certificate from York University, and a Bachelor's Degree in Informatics and Security from Seneca Polytechnic. 

Topics covered under Hairdressing that I will discuss in detail in lessons include:

- how to operate your own hair salon

-communication in the workplace

- cutting hair

-coloring hair

-diagnosis of clients hair and scalp conditions

Topics covered under Informatics and Security that I will discuss in detail in lessons include:

  • -Internal and external security needs
  • -Understanding data communication principles and operation systems
  • -Understanding security of infrastructure components
  • -Design and implement secure information acquisition, transmission and storage practices
  • -Deployment of security on a variety of platforms
  • -Project planning and management
  • -Research methodology
  • -Technology planning and acquisition

Example of my teaching methodology:

Brief overview of the topics to be covered.


-Interactive Q&A session
-Warm-up Activity (5 minutes)

-Quick game of "Word Relay"
-Types of Words Used in topic (15 minutes)
-Presentation on topic
-Different Types of aspects of subtopic (20 minutes)
-Explanation of subtopic
-Introduce the concept of next subtopic
-Essential Refresher 
-Overview of the importance of subtopic
-Explanation of topics in subtopic

All students will receive a Certificate of Completion for each of the lessons attended and a complimentary handout.

Personal Interests: 

My personal interests include music, dance forms, art, soccer, swimming and books.