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BSc Business Information Technology, TEFL
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25 years
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About Me

I’ve been a teacher for about 20 years now.  I’ve taught in Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Thailand, and also online. 

I’ve taught the whole range of levels from young learners to professional adults and basic English speakers to IELTS learners.

Currently I’m working at a small university in Thailand.

I’ve also taught a lot on one on one classes – I really enjoy teaching one on one as I can really help the students develop their conversational skills and pronunciation (and even grammar).  
It’s amazing to see how well they can progress. 

I think my teaching style would be considered very warm and friendly.  I believe students should be encouraged to do more than they think they can but not more than they are able.
I became a teacher because I wanted my life to go in a more worthwhile direction and after helping so many students improve their skills and seeing them go on to good schools and universities and good jobs it does give me a real feeling of satisfaction.  

I hope this provides you with an image of me and my teaching style.  Thank you!

My Lessons


Developing Conversational Skills

30 minutes


Improve your speaking and listening skills in a fun and supportive environment! This ESL conversation class is designed to help you improve your English speaking and listening skills. You will learn and practice new vocabulary and expressions, and you will have the opportunity to engage in conversations about a variety of topics. The class will also focus on developing your conversational fluency and confidence.

General skills development

45 minutes


Developing fluency skills

IELTS speaking

45 minutes


chieve your target IELTS band score and boost your speaking confidence! This IELTS speaking course is designed to help you achieve your target band score in the IELTS speaking exam. You will learn and practice the test format, develop your speaking and vocabulary skills and also work on any pronunciation problems you may have, and receive personalized feedback from an experienced IELTS instructor.

Vocabulary and conversation skills

30 minutes


Stay informed and improve your English conversation skills at the same time! This ESL conversation class uses news articles as a springboard for discussion and practice. You will learn new vocabulary and expressions related to current events, and you will have the opportunity to engage in conversations about a variety of topics.